April 18, 2019

Finding the Best Chatsworth Swimming Pool Cleaning Service

Did you recently install a pool in your backyard?

The suburban life in Chatsworth just wouldn’t be complete without a pool and a barbecue. Dipping into that pool with a beer at the end of a long and tiring day can make all that hard work seem worth it.

However, cleaning and maintaining a pool might turn out to be a little more than you had signed up for. Pools have a nasty habit of quickly accumulating dirt and moss.

Having to clean the pool yourself is not a bad idea but somehow defeats the very purpose of having a pool in the first place, which is to relax.

There’s a lot more to keeping a pool clean than simply installing a powerful water filter and picking up floating leaves with a net. It’s a lengthy and tiring process and is best left to pool cleaning service companies.

Hence, we have written out this guide on warning signs to keep an eye out for, and if you notice any of these warning signs, you should immediately find yourself a good Chatsworth pool cleaning services.

How Do You Know It’s Time To Get Your Pool Cleaned?

Ideally, you should make up a maintenance and cleaning schedule for your pool. Regular cleaning and changing of the water ensure your water stays clean and hygienic.

However, you’re bound to skip on your schedule if you’re overburdened with work or other obligations. Thus, if you haven’t cleaned your pool in some time, keep an eye out for any of these signs and if you notice any of them, it’s time to call in the cavalry.

1. There’s visible algae on your pool.

If there’s algae on your pool, it’s a definite sign that your water filtration system isn’t working how it should. It’s only the water filtration system that keeps your pool from turning into a lake or a pond, and we suggest you keep it running at least 8 hours every day.

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Over time, your water filter system will start malfunctioning eventually. If it isn’t working, your pool is left to the mercy of Mother Nature, and it will become a breeding ground for insects, bacteria and other small animals. In short, your pool is going to start developing an ecosystem of its own.

This situation could be very harmful to you and your family, and you might fall prey to sickness and infections. If you begin to notice algae or an alarming amount of insects or you see that the water pressure on your water filter is going down, it’s time to call in a professional Chatsworth Pool Cleaning company.

2. You see muddled up water with foam or clouds

Apart from the fact that you need to keep your pool clean, you should also keep a close watch on the water quality.

The water needs to have the correct pH and alkaline levels. If the pool water becomes too acidic or alkaline, your pool water will appear foamy, and you may notice lingering clouds of salt or white water.

If the water quality dips to that extent, you stand the risk of contracting skin rashes and hair problems. If you’re not wearing goggles, your eyes could face issues as well. Always ensure that the chemical balance of your pool is alright.

3. You can’t feel the chlorine anymore.

Even though you might not like the feel of chlorine in your eyes, it has an essential function that it disinfects and sanitizes your pool from bacterial and insect infestations. In case you get cut, or there is an open wound, the chlorine ensures that the wound does not get infected.

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Chlorine and other sanitizers can often lose their punch if there is algae in your pool or from even seemingly harmless things like sweat and sunscreen. Thus it is always advisable to get a shower before you jump into your pool.

How Do You Find A Pool Cleaning Service?

If you happen to notice any of the signs mentioned above, it’s best to get right on the ball and call in the big guns. There are a ton of great pool cleaning companies in Chatsworth, and you shouldn’t have much of a problem tracking them down.

Here’s a list of the basic pool services these pool cleaning companies provide.

1. Pool Health Tests

You can’t fix a problem unless you know what’s wrong. That’s why every pool cleaning company worth its salt should be able to perform the following tests:

  • Salt Level Test
  • Acidity and alkaline levels test
  • Water filter test
  • Pool heater test
  • Water pump test
  • Pool Leak Test

The pool cleaning company should have a stringent regiment of tests which can exactly pinpoint what’s wrong with your pool and where repairs are required.

2. Pool Repair

Every worthwhile pool company should be able to accurately diagnose and fix whatever is the problem with your pool.

Pool Repair

The bare minimum services they should provide are:

  • Setting the balance of pool chemicals
  • Water Pump Repair
  • Floor tile repair
  • Pool heater repair
  • Pool lights repair
  • Maintenance and repair of water filter

3. Cleaning

The mechanical and engineering components of the pool won’t always fall apart and do not require regular maintenance. However, the pool does need regular cleaning, and if it hasn’t been cleaned in a while, there is a lot to get through. Dust and dirt, can accumulate on and in between the walls and floor tiles, on the pump, filter, and heater and also on the water itself.

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Getting all this dirt out can be a tough task. Here’s a basic list of cleaning services every good pool cleaner for Chatsworth swimming pool should provide:

  • Vacuum Clean
  • Netting and raking out all debris
  • Emptying pump and skimmer baskets
  • Acid washing particularly dirty places
  • Algae elimination
  • Extensive cleaning of the walls, steps, and floor tiles

Final Words

A pool can add a lot to your life but maintaining it can be a very tiresome proposal. We understand it can’t always be done by one man and might require a dedicated team.

Our team provides an all-round service including cleaning, remodeling and pool plastering to keep your pool fun to use. We’ll ensure all your pool equipment work like well-oiled machines.

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