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Best Pool Financing for the Swimming Pool of Your Dreams.

Pool Financing

Like most significant investments, swimming pools aren’t exactly cheap – that’s why many homeowners opt for pools. Building and even renovating a pool often requires a lot of work and, likewise, lots of funds. While we know you won’t be plunging into pool building or pool remodeling without any sort of plan, we know that along the way you’d be tempted to add features to your pool like a better pool interior, improved pool deck finish, upgraded pool equipment, and so on.

In our goal to provide our customers with superior swimming pool solutions, we at Stanton Pools offer swimming pool finance as an available option to help our customers achieve their dream lagoon. We work hand-in-hand with some of the best financing companies to give you swimming pool loans that fit your budget. They all say pools are expensive – we say it’s not impossible. Contact Stanton Pools today to find out your options in financing a pool service you need.

Stanton Pools Pool Financing

We at Stanton Pools stand by our word in helping our customers every step of the way. That’s why we’ve partnered with some of the most trusted names in pool funding, allowing our customers to invest in their swimming pools without the steep and immediate upfront cost. If you think about it, the money you borrow not only helps you get the pool you want but also increases the value of your home. What was once an old and boring backyard will now be a resort where friends and families can gather during special events and occasions. With our pool funding program as well as our superior pool renovation and remodeling services, the aquatic haven you dream of is just a phone call away.

Financing a pool doesn’t mean you have to borrow the total amount required for the project. In fact, it’s common for many home and pool owners to shoulder the base fee of pool replastering or pool resurfacing a pool and apply for a pool loan for the additional pool features they want to add to their backyard pool.

Pool financing is one of the easiest ways you can fund your next pool project. Whether it’s installing new swimming pool equipment, renovating the pool deck, replacing old pool interiors, or maybe giving your pool a major makeover, we at Stanton Pools can help you through our swimming pool funding program. In fact, the majority of pool owners have successfully worked with lenders to pay for their projects.

Why Us?

While it’s not uncommon for other pool companies to offer pool financing, our drive and passion to point our customers in the right direction separates Stanton Pools from the rest of the competition. We have chosen the best financing lenders and worked with them so that our customers will have better pool finance options readily available. With Stanton Pools, you’re getting the best pool service with the best pool finance options to match. Contact us to get started.

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Feel free to use our pool financing calculator to help you better understand various budget scenarios when financing your pool.

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For your convenience, we service the following cities in Ventura County and the Conejo, Simi and San Fernando Valleys.

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