Greg: A North Hollywood Pool and Backyard Remodel with MicroFusion

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Embark on a transformation journey with North Hollywood Pool and Backyard Remodel services. Dive into expert solutions for a stunning and functional outdoor space. Greg was ready to make sure his pool and backyard were low maintenance and enjoyable for years to come. As he says in the testimonial, “I’m getting older now and I just don’t want to have any issues as I grow old. I want to enjoy the pool and not have any problems, so that’s why I had it redone.” 


One of the first signs it was time was when he noticed the plaster peeling away and his walkways were cracking. He met with Stanton Pools’ owner, Eric Stanton, and felt like he was the right man for the job. “I liked how he was knowledgeable and gave me information on just little questions I had.”


Some of the updates we helped Greg with:

  • A microfusion pebble resurface 
  • Updated waterline and spa tile
  • A gorgeous new spillway from the spa to the pool 
  • New pavers and coping 
  • Updated drainage, which was a problem for him in the past. 


Gary mentions that on of the highlights of the North Hollywood Pool and Backyard Remodel services was the cleanliness of the work crews. “When you redo a pool, it’s very messy and dirty and dusty. They would clean up the dust and everything after their days’ work which was awesome. I couldn’t ask for better, you know what I mean?” He also emphasizes that communication was great. 

“Communication was spot on, never had any issue. Any questions I had were answered right away, never delayed.”


Along with a pool remodel, Greg also wanted his drainage system to be upgraded at the same time as the patio pavers. The difference was exactly what he had hoped for, “this past winter there was not one puddle of water in this backyard. It would drain so nice, I never had to come back here to check it at all.” The best part of the new backyard? The ability to share this new oasis with his family and friends. “I have two children and my wife and I, we love the sun, we love to swim. So we are out here every day during the summer, BBQing and having guests over and this is the spot where everyone likes to come hang out.”


Overall, Greg’s new backyard has brought a lot of happiness to him and his family. “The pool is beautiful, I like the surface, I love the finish on it. Everything, its beautiful, its brand new! You can’t go wrong with a brand new pool. One of the best companies I’ve ever had come to my house.”

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