Rick: A Pool Upgrade and Remodel in Westlake

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Experience a pool transformation with our expert Pool Upgrade and Remodel services. Dive into luxury and elevate your aquatic paradise with us! Stanton Pools has been helping Rick with maintenance and cleaning for 10 years now, and although he loved the Spanish style of hispool, it was time to upgrade and remodel. “Unfortunately, you know, after the last 35 years the tiles have decomposed a little bit.”


Rick and his wife decided to Pool Upgrade and Remodel their plaster finish to a new pebble surface. He mentions that although pebble seems like it would be uncomfortable on bare feet, he thinks it is much more comfortable to walk on than the old plaster. “I know it sounds funny, the pebble is new but it doesn’t hurt my feet; where the other, the plaster, for some reason hurt the bottoms of my feet.”

When asked about his experience with the remodel, he couldn’t be happier. He describes Stanton Pools like a “kind of family” and he was pleased with how well the remodel went. “The communication was good. so when you deal with stanton pools, its relaxed, you feel safe. When we had all these different crews in, felt very safe, everyone was polite, respectful, you really cant ask for more than that.”

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