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We have helped many homeowners navigate their options when it comes to structural crack repair. Stitching, stapling, epoxy, and new inner shells are our specialties!

Pebble, Tile, Bond Beam Repair

“The cost was extremely competitive given the high quality of work. Thank you!”
Woodland Hills, CA
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Pebble, Water Features, Crack Repair

“Eric was so honest with what we could expect in regards to our damage and cracks. We are so happy with the work!”
Woodland Hills, CA
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Pebble, Crack Repair, Tile

“They take a lot of pride in their work and it shows. From the beginning of the project to the very last day I was impressed with the quality of work.”
Agoura Hills, CA
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Pebble, Tile, Crack Repair

“They take a lot of pride in their work and it shows in the attention to detail and craftmanship.”
Agoura Hills, CA
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Good reviews

Worried about cracks and structural damage?

A pool that has damage may show some of the following signs:

  • Visible cracks in the pool or coping
  • Leaks or lost water not due to evaporation
  • Rust stains

Any of these may mean your pool needs to be assessed and eventually repaired. Stanton Pools has over 10 years of experience with structural crack repair. Contact us today for a free quote!

Good To Know

Structural Crack Repair – Frequently Asked Questions

What can happen if structural cracks are not repaired?

With structural cracks, if left untreated, water will eventually penetrate the steel shell that is the main strcuture of your pool. If it goes even further, the water can then wash away the soil under and around the shell. This can exacerbate and accelerate any issues you are experiencing.

What causes structural cracks to appear in a pool?

Usually structural cracks appear when there was an improper original pool build combined with ground movement. Although it is possible to conduct thorough investigations into why your particular cracks appeared, we do our best to repair and prevent future structural cracks based on our experience and knowledge.

What are the different types of structural crack repair?

There are three main types: Epoxy injection, rebar stapling, and trench stitching. In addition to these methods, there is also the possibility of a new inner shell, where we will create a new shell within your existing pool using rebar and shotcrete. The method we use will depend on the severity of the issues your pool is experiencing.

Which method of crack repair is best?

We recommend stitching and inner shell methods, as they are the most robust. This creates a highly reinforced solution to structural cracks. That being said, there is no one-size-fits-all solution. Epoxy injection is another great option for cracks that aren’t extensive, and generally is a great method of repair for most cracks.

How much does structural crack repair typically cost?

Typically, most crack repair costs between $250-350 per foot. If there is a need for a new inner shell, the cost is typically anywhere between $15,000 and $25,000.


What can I expect when getting an estimate for crack repair?

We will always be transparent with you when giving an estimate. Sometimes cracks are limited to the plaster surface, which means they are not structural and do not need to be repaired. However, it is also common to find structural cracks in places you did not anticipate once the chip-out process concludes. In these cases, we will give you a ballpark estimate and then identify, measure, and price out different options for repair.

Besides our structural crack repair services, we also offer many other pool transformation options!

1. Structural Crack Repair (Epoxy, Staples, Stitching, or Complete Inner Shells)

2. New Pool Coping

3. Full Plumbing Upgrades (Copper-to-PVC) and Leak Repair

4. New Gas and Electrical Supply Lines

5. Water Features (Sheer Descents, Deck Jets, Bubblers, etc.)

6. Baja Steps

7. Equipment Upgrades (Salt Systems, Wi-Fi Remote Systems, Variable Speed Pumps. etc.)

8. Color changing LED lights and lighted water features

9. New Spa Additions to an Existing Pool

10. Replaster/Resurface and Install New Tile

Why You’ll Love Working with The Stanton Pools Family to Repair Cracks and Structural Damage

You’ll Always Know What’s Happening

We’ll keep you apprised of the schedule, of progress, and of any changes. Communication is one of the things we do best. We highly value honesty and want you to understand the process from start to finish.

Be Confident We Will Use The Repair Method That Works Best For You

There is no one size fits all approach to structural damage repair. We will make sure you feel comfortable and confident that the method we use is the best for your individual and unique needs.

Stay On Budget And On Time

We will always be honest with you about your options and what your pool needs. Our priority is to help you achieve your goals and stay within your budget while providing the highest quality repair methods.

You're Fully Covered

We have the proper licensing and insurance to handle your needs and give your peace of mind.

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