Brett: A Clean Backyard Pool Remodel with Crack Repair in West Hills

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Dive into a pool transformation with our expert services: Pool Remodel with Crack Repair. Elevate aesthetics and safety for a flawless aquatic haven, ensuring enduring beauty and peace of mind. A fairly common story in our area of Southern California, this pool was built in the 80s and was just ready to be upgraded. Chipped plaster, cracks, and just general deterioration told this pool owner that it was time. Once Stanton Pools came on the scene, it was clear the pool needed some structural repair. “They went in for the crack, they dug down deep to replace rebar, they pulled out the rebar that was deteriorated to like the size of spaghetti almost… I’m glad we went in and cut that stuff out, so there’s no more worries anymore.”


Once the work started, Brett was impressed with how quick it went. The process was seamless! “From the demo to the process with the coping, they worked hand in hand together; the process of Eric’s work was extremely fast.”

A favorite aspect of the Pool Remodel with Crack Repair was the upgraded LED color changing lighting. “It gives you a lot of dynamic features and looks which I’m really happy about.” Overall, the communication and help that Eric provided made the whole experience pleasant. “He was there to answer questions, I felt that I was able to have a relationship with him-that he was there for me to answer my questions. It’s been a good experience with Stanton Pools for sure.”

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