January 5, 2024

Adding a Spa to Your Existing Pool

Having a swimming pool can be one of the greatest joys of a homeowner. However, most pool owners did not design or build their pool themselves. If your pool and backyard are old and outdated, you might want to change some things to make them better, which may include building a spa.

Ideas to Improve Spa to Your Existing Pool

While there are countless ways to upgrade your current setup, a pool remodel can be one of the most stunning. Nearly everyone who remodels their pool believes it changes the entire look of their backyard for the better. A remodel also extends the life of your pool, making it an investment in the future.

Not only can a remodel refresh your pool, but you can also use this opportunity to add features and upgrades. Popular features in Southern California include Baja steps, waterfalls, colorful LED lights, and adding a spa. Read more about these and other features here.

Adding a Spa to Your Existing Pool?

The short answer is yes! Adding a hot tub to your pool area is certainly possible for most homeowners. We recommend adding the spa to your existing swimming pool, as opposed to a standalone hot tub.


Creating a spa in your existing pool has the advantage of saving space. It eliminates the need for a concrete pad and doesn’t require trenching for new plumbing and electrical wiring. Another benefit is the spa and pool water run through the same filtration system, making maintenance easy.

Additionally, when you add a spa to an existing pool, you can add features such as spillways, scuppers, and tile accent walls. These details will only add to the beauty of your new remodel, not to mention the many other benefits of owning a pool and spa combo. 


What Are the Benefits of Adding a Spa to Your Existing Pool?


The obvious answer is that adding a spa to your existing pool creates a place for relaxation and comfort. Soothing jets, heated water, and bench seats offer an environment that any pool owner can enjoy, any time of year. This is the main reason our customers look forward to adding a jacuzzi to their pool.

Enjoy All Seasons

Especially in California, owning a spa means that you can enjoy your pool even in the colder months of winter. Heating an entire pool can be costly and take time, whereas heating a spa is quick and much more efficient. Although they share the same water, you can easily just heat the spa.

Add Value

When you add a hot tub to your pool, you increase the value of your home and property. On average, homes with a pool and spa sell for more than homes without these features. The value it can add to your lifestyle is priceless.

Aesthetically Pleasing

Adding a hot tub to an existing pool creates dimension and can elevate the look of your backyard. Spa spillways, elevated walls, and custom lighting are other design elements that can take a simple pool and hot tub to the next level. It goes without saying that a spa added within an existing pool looks much better than one built adjacent to the pool itself.

How Much Does Adding a Jacuzzi Cost?

One of the most asked questions when discussing this topic is the cost to add a hot tub or jacuzzi to your pool. Adding a spa in Southern California can cost anywhere from $23,000 to $47,000. 

The actual cost of adding an attached spa depends on many different things. Spa size, added features, original pool layout, placement within the pool, and height, can all affect the total cost. Every pool and every backyard is different, and we love building custom spas that showcase our customers’ vision.

Spas built inside an existing pool are more cost-effective because we use the same plumbing and electrical systems. The spa system taps into the existing pool, making it cheaper and easier than building a separate jacuzzi. The circulation system is also much easier to integrate in an attached pool and spa combo.

Ready To Get More Information?

If you are ready to learn more about building a spa addition, there are several ways to get the ball rolling. First, consider the overall condition of your existing pool. It may also be time to remodel the surface, update your equipment, or install new coping and pavers.

Once you have decided it’s time to speak to a contractor, research experienced local companies. Stanton Pools has hundreds of happy customers and the reviews to back them up. See some of our work here

We look forward to helping you design and create the backyard of your dreams! Contact us today for a free estimate.



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