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Everyday, we service pools to keep them looking fresh and inviting for home owners just like you. Here are just a few of our many happy customers.

Pebble, Tile Cleaning, Lights

“Stanton Pools was communicative, professional, and overall very attentive. I love my pool.”

Karen J.

Thousand Oaks, CA

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Pebble, Tile, Plumbing, Cracks

“Communication was strong the whole time and the job was completed earlier than anticipated. Highly recommended!!!”

Mike T.

Woodland Hills, CA

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Equipment Set

“Their pricing is fair and up-front, and their integrity and experience can’t be beaten.”

Melissa W.
Westlake Village, CA


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Weekly Service

“Thankfully we found Stanton pools, and they had the pool glistening in no time.”

Travis K.
West Hills, CA


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Trusted Tarzana Pool Resurfacing and Maintenance Service

The Suburban neighborhood of Tarzana boasts a beautiful backdrop befitting its hot-summer Mediterranean climate. That’s why many of its residents invest in building gorgeous swimming pools in their backyards.

If you are living in Tarzana and are looking to have your pool resurfaced, then you’re in the right place. We, at Stanton Pools, are experts in pool resurfacing. Our pool resurfacing Tarzana services are one of our most sought-after swimming pool solutions. We offer high-quality pool resurfacing and pool deck resurfacing to bring your old and damaged oasis back to life.

Check out some of the reasons why we are number one in Tarzana.

Tired of looking at a pool that is dated and dirty?

Tired of looking at a pool that is dated and dirty?

When you have a pool that isn’t looking it’s best…

  • It’s stained
  • Missing tile
  • Has rough and peeling plaster

 …that can make you feel like you’re missing out on enjoying the full potential of your backyard.

We totally get it! We’ve helped hundreds of homeowners just like you transform their pool into the oasis that they’ve always dreamed of.

Pool Resurfacing Tarzana

1. Vetted Pool Company

It’s true that there are a lot of pool companies operating on this side of California. However, not all companies are trusted by locals when it comes to handling their private oases.

We, at Stanton Pools, are a vetted pool company. We pride ourselves in getting tons of positive customer feedback which you can see on our website as well as on other platforms — like Yelp. Our company values our customer’s genuine reviews and this helps us keep on doing what we do in addition to keeping on improving our services.

Stanton Pools is a fully licensed, bonded, and insured pool maintenance, repair, and construction company. So, you can be sure that your swimming pool is touched only by professionals. Our pool resurfacing Tarzana services are carried out by people who have been in the business for years and by skilled workers who know exactly what they’re doing.

Trust the pool pros. Trust Stanton Pools.

2. Professional Pool Resurfacing

We know that there’s more to pool resurfacing than just breaking the old shell and applying a new one. A company’s knowledge and its employee’s skills can make or break a pool resurfacing project.

On that note, we make sure that our pool resurfacing Tarzana services start by methodically chipping out the old surface using a combination of traditional tools and modern equipment. Surfaces like plaster can be removed carefully using hammers and chisels. Doing so will allow us to break the material without compromising the concrete underneath. Should the pool require heavy equipment, we can use a pneumatic jackhammer to break down tougher materials like pebblestones and tiles.

We then clean the debris and prepare the exposed concrete for the application of the new material. When the customer’s material of choice is applied, we let it set and cure to ensure that it will hold well and last long.

Finally, we fill the pool with water. We test the pool water and adjust its balance by adding the necessary chemicals. Once the water is in pristine condition, we turn over the swimming pool to the owner.

3. Pool Deck Resurfacing

During our pool resurfacing Tarzana services, our customers get to choose what finish they want for the swimming pool. And once they’ve decided on what material they want for the pool, most swimming pool owners usually want the pool deck to be finished with the same material.

A pool finished with white or colored plaster is best paired with a Mediterranean-style pool deck. This type of pool deck is usually finished with white and blue tiles and typically paired with a wooden pavilion which creates a calm and laid-back ambiance for owners to enjoy.

Meanwhile, a swimming pool that is fitted with a pebble stone surface blends perfectly well with nature-themed pool decks which are built with slabs of natural (and faux) stones. They make great choices for homeowners with large backyards that have good landscaping potential.

On the other hand, a tiled swimming pool surface can be accompanied by a Grecian or a Roman bath-inspired pool deck. Highlights of such pool decks are light-colored stones, beautiful pillars, and stylish patio furniture. Those looking to bring a Grecian pool deck up a notch could even have pool features, like a fire pit, installed.

Speaking of which…

4. Pool Features

Since we’re basically presenting owners with the opportunity to change the appearance of their swimming pool with our pool resurfacing Tarzana services, this would also be the perfect time to add various pool features.

As we’ve briefly covered above, a fire pit can elevate the style of a pool deck. Not only does it add a gorgeous accent to the pool deck but it also serves as an alternative source of light and heat for those looking to hang out on the pool deck.

And while we’re on the topic of lights, a pool light can be a good addition to a backyard pool. It makes the pool look during the evening and also serves as a safety feature allowing people to see if anyone needs help inside the pool.

Other swimming pool features to consider include water jets and fountains, waterfalls, and a spa.

5. Pool Equipment Replacement and Repair

Stanton Pools also caters to swimming pool equipment repair and replacement. During our pool resurfacing Tarzana services, we can look at a homeowner’s pool equipment system. Usually, dated swimming pool equipment may not be as effective and as efficient as modern ones.

A good example is the use of single-speed swimming pool pumps. This type of swimming pool pump runs only at a single speed setting, which means this equipment is constantly put under pressure. And because it runs only in a single-speed setting, it also needs a steady power supply.

On the other hand, newer and more advanced variable-speed swimming pool pumps can run on different speed settings. When the pool is not in use, the pump can still ensure the water circulates but can use less power using lower speeds. Variable-speed swimming pool pumps are one of our most sought-after replacement and repair services in Tarzana.

Why You’ll Love Working with The Stanton Pools Family to Remodel or Replaster Your Pool

You’ll Always Know What’s Happening

We’ll keep you apprised of the schedule, of progress, and of any changes. Communication is one of the things we do best.

Be Confident The Pool Will Be Beautiful

With years of experience and making sure each phase of the job is done by team members who specialize in that specific trade, you can be certain the work will be done right.

Stay On Budget And On Time

After hundreds of jobs, we’ve seen it all and can help you properly budget your time and money to make sure your vision comes to reality.

04. You're Fully Covered

We have the proper licensing and insurance to handle your needs and give your peace of mind.

We’re not just your average pool contractor. We will help you design your beautiful backyard oasis.

Let us transform your out date pool into one that is very current, yet timeless. With the help of our designers and the local manufacturer showrooms, we’ll help you every step of the way to make sure you love your sparkling new pool.

Our pool remodeling process is as simple as 1-2-3

1. Schedule Your Free Estimate:

We’ll help you determine what we can do within your budget and give you some options.

2. Watch The Magic Happen:

You’ll see our experienced team create your vision by hand to transform your backyard into an oasis.

3. Jump In - Pool Party:

It’s that easy. We handle everything from start to finish so you can relax and start making great memories poolside.

Here are the pool remodeling and replasting services we can offer you!

1. Replaster/Resurface and Install New Tile

2. New Pool Coping

3. Full Plumbing Upgrades (Copper-to-PVC) and Leak Repair

4. New Gas and Electrical Supply Lines

5. Water Features (Sheer Descents, Deck Jets, Bubblers, etc.)

6. Baja Steps

7. Equipment Upgrades (Salt Systems, Wi-Fi Remote Systems, Variable Speed Pumps. etc.)

8. Color changing LED lights and lighted water features

9. New Spa Additions to an Existing Pool

10. Structural Crack Repair (Epoxy, Staples, or Stitching)

Good To Know

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is it important to work with a contractor that is licensed, bonded, and insured?

By working with a licensed, bonded, and insured pool contractor, you can rest assured we have the knowledge, experience, and coverage to safely and properly revamp your pool – everything will be done to industry’s best practices.

Why does Stanton Pools not ask for a deposit?
We only ask for progress payments after certain phases of each job are complete. Unlike most contractors, we’ve never felt right asking for payment before work was done. This way, you’re in control and can trust we will complete each phase to your satisfaction.
What is the warranty on plaster and pebble?
Pebble has a 10-year warranty on bubbling, delamination, and pop-off (it often lasts 15-20 years). Plaster has a similar warranty, but only for 2 years because it is not as durable of a material compared to pebble.
Does Stanton Pools include the startup with every remodel?
Absolutely. It is extremely important that the pool contractor does the startup because it maintains accountability. By doing the startup ourselves, we can be sure the process is correctly done from start to finish.
Why should I work with a company that is a certified installer recognized by NPT?
Being a certified installer by NPT means the plaster/pebble company went through a stringent review process to qualify. With our certificate, Stanton Pools has proven to uphold certain quality application practices that get you the best and most durable finished surface. It also means our warranty is backed by the manufacturer, so you are completely covered.

Why is the chip out method better than hydroblasting for plaster removal?
Hydroblasting is similar to pressure washing and only removes part of the original surface to be replaced. The chip out method, however, removes significantly more of the old surface to expose most of the concrete shell of the pool. By using the chip out method, the new material (e.g., pebble) has much better adhesion to the shell of the pool, which greatly reduces the likelihood of delamination and extends the life of your new surface.

Tarzana Pool Maintenance Services

And for our customers who took advantage of our pool resurfacing Tarzana solutions, we also offer maintenance services to ensure that their backyard pools are kept in pristine condition.

Here are a few things one can expect when signing up for our maintenance services.

1. Weekly Pool Cleaning

We offer weekly pool cleaning services designed to ensure that your swimming pool will both be clean and beautiful.

This service starts with our swimming pool professional scooping up floating debris on the water. Likewise, the pool’s skimmers will also be checked for any collected debris. Then, your swimming pool’s walls and floors will be scrubbed to remove any dust or mineral buildup from the surface. The steps as well as the coping will also be cleaned. The dirt removed from the surface will then be collected using a pool vacuum.

Finally, the pool professional visiting your area will check the pool lights, the pool equipment, and the deck for structural integrity. The pool water will also be checked for proper chemical balance.

2. Saltwater Pool Systems

During most of our pool resurfacing Tarzana services, our customers often talk to us about switching to saltwater pool systems. A saltwater swimming pool no longer requires chlorine to be manually added to the water. Its saltwater generator does it automatically, which offers various benefits including seamless cleaning of the pool water and the avoidance of keeping harmful chemicals at home.

Changing to a saltwater swimming pool may have higher upfront costs but because of its above-mentioned advantages; switching to one will bring down a swimming pool’s operational costs.

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