Justin and Anna: Pool and Spa Upgrade with Unique Water Features in Thousand Oaks

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Embark on a luxurious transformation with our Pool and Spa Upgrade services. Dive into the ultimate aquatic experience of luxury and rejuvenation. Justin and Anna had an outdated pool and patio. In their own words, “we wanted to refresh it and the plaster was peeling off and it was just getting old and tired.” Red brick coping that was separating from the pool and dated was another issue with which they weren’t happy. 


Stanton Pools and Eric, owner, were already managing their weekly maintenance, so when they reached out to him about a potential remodel Pool and Spa Upgrade, it went smoothly from there. “The pool renovation was great, super easy. We heard stories from other people that do it and it just gets dragged on but Eric and everybody else that he sent over and worked with, they actually had the pool done before we were even ready to pour concrete on the deck.” 


Some of the highlights of their pool remodel were:

  • A Baja step addition with bubblers and optional umbrella holder
  • Leveling out their existing spa
  • New waterline and spa tile
  • LED color changing deck laminars
  • New Pebble surface


Now, Justin and Anna have the perfect patio and pool to host their friends and family. They love having neighbors over and they can’t believe the change from their old pool to the new, updated space. “It just elevated the whole yard it seems like a brand-new yard now and a brand new pool.” 


One thing they loved about working with Eric was the great communication. Justin mentions, “I’d email Eric all kinds of questions when I’d come up with them at the end of the day and he’d respond before the end of the night and we would be making changes or any adjustments needed by the next morning so, super responsive and very easy to deal with.” Anna appreciated the help she got with deciding on details, “I was able to communicate with Eric a lot over different colors and tile options.” 

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