General Pool Inspection Before a Remodel [VIDEO]

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This is Eric with Stanton Pool and Valley Pool Plaster and today I’m at a pool inspection in Reseda. I just kind of wanted to show you some unique things that I saw at the pool.

I’m looking at and talking with the homeowner about kind of some random things that maybe you have in your pool, kind of how I view it and what I’m looking for when something stands out to me.

So the first thing that I’m seeing here is they have a deck-mounted junction box for the light which is not to code. It’s supposed to be several feet back from the pool inspection and at least 18 inches above the water level. Here you can see that there was some patchwork done but having this is not to code.

This is used as a junction box.ย  It’s not to code and then we can see here, they have a new skimmer. Let’s see the patch around the skimmer with the new suction line and then coming up out of the ground here is now PVC.

My guess is that they had copper here due to the age of the pool. All the green standing almost positive this was all copper so that’s why they needed to put a new skimmer in. The homeowner is asking us to put in a vacuum line so that his vacuum doesn’t have to take up the skimmer uh which we can help them with.

Something else to look at is you can see this return line here. It reduces down from two inches down to one and a half inches over here all the way on the other side of the pool. We can see some patchwork showing a new return line now because he’s only got one return line. It’s shooting out really high pressure. My guess is that the pool’s not getting as good circulation as it should because it only has one return line.

The pool water is actually pretty clear so I think the circulation is okay. But the downside only having one return line is it’s going to create back pressure on the filter and it’s not going to clean the surface as well because we only have one jet shooting water around the pool.

The other thing that I noticed is he’s got a lot of cracks it almost looks like someone put some A and B putty on the bottom of the pool. But because there’s spider webbing here my guess is that we’re gonna find a lot more cracks when we strip the plaster.

So those will have to be we’ll have to look at those. I think there’s anything else that’s really standing out and it does look like maybe he redid the deck at one point here because he’s got a scoreline all around the pool. These bolts here that have been sawed off were most likely for a diving board – yeah that’s kind of it.

Just wanted to show you some things that kind of stood out to me that I don’t see at every pool. Maybe you have some of these at your pool. If you have any questions if you want to send me some pictures or a video of something that you’re not quite sure what it is at yours, I’d be happy to talk with you about it.

As always I’m Eric Stanton with Stanton Pool and Valley Pool Plaster and feel free to reach out to us anytime.


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