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While every pool and remodel are different, below are some examples of remodel and resurface pricing for recent backyard transformations we’ve done, along with their prices, to help you budget for your new backyard oasis.

1. A Simple Refresh

Tarzana, April 2024

Mini pebble

Ceramic waterline tile

Split pool drain

White LED light

Total = $18,595

2. A Beautiful Transformation

Westlake, January 2024

Mini pebble with glass

Bellecrete coping around perimeter

Ceramic waterline tile

Split pool drain

2 color changing LED lights

New variable speed pump

Total = $39,350

3. The Complete Pool Oasis

Northridge, December 2023

Micro pebble with glass or shell mix

Glass waterline tile

Bellecrete coping around perimeter

2 sheer descent water features

Baja step for lounging

Auto-fill to manage the water level

Wi-Fi controlled remote system with integrated salt sanitizer, new heater, and variable speed pump

White LED pool light and color changing LED spa light

Total = $69,400

Turn any of these renovations into a complete backyard oasis by installing a beautiful paver patio and landscape lighting to accent your pool and yard at night. This generally adds $17,500 to $35,000 to the project and depends primarily on the size of your patio.

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