Andy: A Stunning Newbury Park Pool Refresh

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Experience a captivating transformation with our services in Newbury Park: Stunning Pool Refresh. Immerse yourself in the expertise that revitalizes and beautifies your aquatic oasis. Our team brings a touch of elegance to every detail, ensuring your pool becomes a stunning centerpiece. From design to execution, we create a harmonious blend of functionality and aesthetics. Dive into a refreshing experience that elevates your space to new heights. Trust us for the ultimate pool refresh, where innovation meets timeless beauty, creating a haven of relaxation and sophistication in the heart of Newbury Park.

This transformation took a basic, dated, white plaster pool that looked tired and worn out, and made it an incredible focal point in Andy’s backyard. Working and planning with Stanton Pools was a great experience for him. “Everything was very clear and upfront of how the process would work and basically how they make it all happen and so i never felt like it was a pressure sort of thing at all.”


The work was done on time, and Andy was impressed with how the crew kept to the schedule throughout the remodel. “It was some of the most efficient work i have ever seen, quite frankly.”

The upgrade was exactly what he was looking for, with a darker pebble color and sparkling shell aggregate to really make the stunning Newbury Park Pool Refresh. “It was just incredible the way it turned out. just made the whole backyard look completely different.” Adding a light so that he and his family can enjoy the pool at night was a big feature, as well. “We’ve just been using it a lot and having a lot of family time here and the kids hanging out and swimming…its just been a really great thing to get finally done.”

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