Carol and Herman: A Woodland Hills Structural Pool Repair and Complete Backyard Transformation

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Ensure pool safety: Woodland Hills Structural Pool Repair for lasting integrity. Dive into expert solutions and enjoy peace of mind with us! When Carol and Herman realized the extent of the damage their pool had undergone over the years, they knew it was going to need a complete overhaul. “Plaster was shot, and the, you know, trees, and expansive soil had created cracks and we patched some cracks about 15 years ago, but it was time to do it over right.”

Even though they knew it needed work, they were surprised with extensive cracks and the need to add a completely new inner shell. They felt that Eric’s honesty, personality, and experience were the way to go for this complete transformation. “he way he answered questions, the way he talked about how he would deal with if it had a lot of cracks. it felt like he was going to be honest with us, and now looking at it after, he definitely was honest with us.” 

All in all, Carol and Herman upgraded their backyard with the following:

  • New pebble surface
  • Two Pedestals and sheer descent water features
  • New gorgeous tile and coping
  • Patio pavers surrounding the pool

The new backyard in Woodland Hills Structural Pool Repair is a place of happiness and peace for the couple, and they love spending time outside and gazing upon their upgraded space. “We’re really enjoying our yard. it feels very peaceful to come out here and just see it. We’ve had dinner almost every evening.”

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