John: A Newbury Park Perfect Blue Transformation

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Elevate your oasis: Newbury Park Perfect Blue Transformation. Dive into excellence for a stunning, revitalized pool experience. It’s a tale as old as time, your pool used to be beautiful but eventually the plaster starts chipping, and the tiles start to fall off or break. For John, it meant finding someone to help him remodel his pool. “It was really becoming a sad pool. more and more plaster was ending up in my nets as well as in the pool filter. We couldn’t delay it any longer.”


When he met Eric, he appreciated the quick estimates and all the expertise Eric was able to provide to help make up their minds. In his own words, “Eric was extremely responsive, he asked for a few photos up front from before to assist him with some of the estimates as well as he provided estimates very quickly electronically, professionally written up. He gave me options, pros and cons to doing different things. He was very receptive to the feedback and ensured that what it was that we were looking for, we got what we wanted to at the end of the day.”


Sometimes all it takes is a little guidance to get exactly what you want, and in this case, the customer definitely appreciated that help from Stanton Pools in Newbury Park Perfect Blue Transformation. “We are much happier with the result and glad he gave us that advice at the end, to guide us into the bluer water that we were looking for.” Our goal is to always provide the best experience for the customer, coupled with the best outcome based on their personal goals. I think we achieved it this time, for sure! 


  “Now that the pool is complete, we love the transformation, not only the pool but our backyard. We’re spending much more time in the backyard, the pool is much nicer, its enjoyable, we’re using it much more frequently. We’re really loving the transformation and the pool and extremely happy with the work that Stanton Pools did for us.”

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