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Many people struggle with finding the right pool service company, who offers the best pool services, to handle all of their swimming pool needs. Not only are we fully licensed, bonded, and insured, but our team members at Stanton Pools are trained by a certified Health Department technician, so you can trust our work from pool plastering to pool remodeling, is completed in a safe and thorough manner. We’ve helped hundreds of people just like you get their swimming pools up and running successfully and looking pristine by dedicating ourselves to quality work for our customers.

We proudly service customers in the Ventura and Los Angeles Counties, including the Conejo, Simi, and San Fernando Valleys. Here at Stanton Pools, we offer the best pool services with a Risk Free Trial and only collect payment once the work is completed – we truly earn your trust every time!

Pool Service FAQs

How often should you clean your pool?

While the frequency of pool cleaning depends on the situation, it’s normally done on a weekly basis. Weekly cleaning will prevent minor issues from developing, and will allow you to monitor your pool’s health regularly. A poorly maintained pool can develop algae that can make the water green – basically a breeding ground for microorganisms. Weekly pool cleaning can also help you maintain the longevity of pool features such as the pool heater and the pool pump. Because the filters are cleaned on a regular basis, the pump is rarely put to strenuous work, preserving its longevity and structural integrity. You can clean your pool weekly or hire a pool professional to do it for you.

How do I clean my pool by myself?

Swimming pool cleaning can be a rewarding experience. Nevertheless, it should be done diligently and consistently to maintain your pool and keep it under ideal conditions. Here are some of the basic swimming pool maintenance steps.

1. Skim the pool

Skim the surface of the pool water by easily gliding the telescopic pole with a skimmer net attached to it over the water to scoop up floating dirt and debris. Make sure you catch debris like dried leaves, twigs, and dead bugs as they can easily sink underwater. When they do, they tend to decompose and mess up your pool water’s chemistry, making this part of pool cleaning one of the most important ones.

2. Brush the pool

Brushing the pool can be done with the use of a pool brush. Use your pool brush to gently breeze through the pool wall, the sides, and the pool steps/ladder. Periodically clean the pool brush as it can get clogged with dirt and dust that might have gotten stuck in the areas you’ve brushed. A clean brush makes for more efficient cleaning.

3. Clean the pool baskets

Check the swimming pool baskets and make sure they’re free of dirt and debris. A clogged basket can cause all sorts of problems and will cause the pool pump to work harder, affecting the entirety of your pool system.

4. Vacuum the pool

After all the skimming and the brushing you just did, dust and dirt from the pool walls and pool steps will eventually make their way to the bottom of the swimming pool. To clean up the remaining dirt, you can use a pool vacuum. There are various types of pool vacuums, but the most common ones are a robotic vacuum and a manual vacuum. A robotic vacuum automatically searches for dirt and sucks it clean, while a manual pool will have you vacuuming the pool floor like you would a carpet. Whichever vacuum you go with, make sure to check the pool for remaining dust and clean the floor accordingly.

5. Test the pool water’s chemistry

This is the tricky part – while there are many testing kits available on the market, nothing can replace the trained eye of a licensed professional. That said, you can always test and adjust the pool water chemicals yourself, but it’s best to leave it to the professionals.

Should you opt to do it yourself, use a tester you can buy from your local supermarket or pool shop and check the pool’s pH levels. Check with a pool professional and adjust the pool chemistry accordingly.

That’s the basics of swimming pool cleaning and maintenance.

How long does it take to clean a pool?

If you clean your swimming pool regularly, the average time it takes to clean it is between 45 minutes to an hour. However, depending on the size of your pool, these numbers may vary. These steps may look daunting at first, but as soon as you do them regularly, you wouldn’t have to spend too much time on the pool. On the other hand, pool professionals can do a full pool service in anywhere from about 10 minutes to 30 minutes, as they are well practiced at it.

What chemicals are needed to maintain a pool?

Swimming pool maintenance also involves having to store and use chemicals to keep the balance and chemistry of the pool water in check.

First, here’s why you need to cure and treat the pool water with chemicals.

  • Chemicals eliminate microorganisms in the water.
  • Pool chemicals act as a disinfectant.
  • Chemicals in the pool protect swimmers from bacteria.

The chemicals you add in the pool water help reduce the risks of algae development in the water. They also stop other forms of microorganisms and other dangerous pathogens that may breed in the pool water. Moreover, your pool filter system will work better if you add the right chemicals to the water. Here are the categories of common pool water chemicals you need for your pool.

1. Sanitizers

Sanitizers are pool chemicals used to disinfect the pool and sanitize the water. For obvious reasons, these are chemicals that you should always mix with the pool water to keep the water clean and free from microorganisms and other forms of bacteria. Sanitizers include chemicals like chlorine, bromine, trichlor, and dichlor.

2. Oxidizers

Like sanitizers, oxidizers clean the pool water and rid it from algae and other forms of bacteria that might breed in the pool. They act as the secondary sanitizer that further cleans the pool and safeguards it against possible development and growth of unwanted organisms. An example of this chemical is potassium monopersulfate.

3. Water balancers

Water balancers help you maintain the balance of the pool water. You can say that water balances play an important role, as without the proper water chemistry, the pool’s surface can easily be damaged. Proper pool water chemistry helps maintain the plaster and promotes longevity as well as structural integrity. Some of the chemicals used to balance the pool water include pH increasers, pH reducers, alkalinity increasers, calcium hardness increasers, and chlorine stabilizers.

There are also special chemicals used to treat the pool water to help address issues that arise in certain occasions. As an example, algaecides are specially formulated chemicals that prevent algae from growing in the pool water. There are also chemicals that can help you when cleaning the pool, including enzymes that break down the oils in the pool water to remove residue from lotion as well as other non-living organic contaminants in the pool water. There are also stain removers that help remove stains in the pool plaster and allow pool owners to maintain the aesthetic value of their pool.

How do you maintain a pool for a week?

Pool maintenance allows you to maximize your pool’s longevity as well as maintain its aesthetic appeal. Here’s a quick guide to your weekly pool maintenance.

1. Clean the pool water’s surface using a telescopic pole with a skimming net attached to it. Skim the surface of the water until there is no floating debris.

2. Brush the pool steps and the pool wall. Use a pool brush and gently brush the pool starting from the steps. Gently brush it with a single motion pushing towards the deeper end of the pool. Do the same for the pool walls using the same motion. This is so you do not disturb the ripples underwater and cause the dirt to scatter for when you vacuum the pool floor later.

3. Check the pool baskets. Remove any dirt or debris that might have gotten trapped in them.

4. With either a robotic vacuum or a manual pool vacuum, begin cleaning the pool floor and start where you can see a visible pile of dirt. Vacuum the floor area until you’ve gathered all the dirt from the shallow to the deep end.

5.Test the pool water’s chemistry and add chemicals as necessary.

If you clean your pool regularly, the time it will take and the amount of work required will be less than when you just started cleaning the pool. Pool maintenance is important and it’s imperative that it be done on a weekly basis, as a properly treated pool can help you preserve the longevity of your pool plaster whereas an improperly treated pool may cause the plaster to really degrade.

You can maintain your pool yourself on a weekly basis, or you can have a pool professional do it for you. In most cases, pool services that cover weekly cleanings also include pool inspection for your pool equipment as well as the structural integrity of the pool itself. Therefore, you get the peace of mind that your investment is being taken cared of professionally.

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Weekly Cleanings

  • Perform a water chemical balance test and adjustment
  • Empty the skimmer and pump baskets
  • Confirm proper operation of the pool equipment
  • Check the swimming pool and spa lights
  • Net and vacuum the pool
  • Review the integrity of the pool surface, deck and coping
  • Brush the swimming pool walls and steps

Specialized Maintenance

  • Salt water conversions
  • Pump repair and replacement
  • Energy efficient, VS pump installs
  • Heater repair and replacement 
  • Wi-Fi remote system installation
  • And more…

Pool Remodeling and Replastering

Stanton Pools, Inc. is a fully licensed, bonded, and insured pool maintenance, repair, and construction company.  Some of our specialties include:

Since I began in 2008, I have cultivated a successful business servicing customers’ pool needs in the Conejo, San Fernando, and Simi Valleys.

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Hundreds of Satisfied Customers

“It’s been a little over a month since Stanton Pools finished re-plastering/tiling our pool. I wish I had written a review earlier, but we’ve been enjoying our pool so much! Everything was perfect, and they did a great job! We really liked that this company communicated using modern technology – email, text, online forms, and digitally sending payment. This is an honest company from the start to the end. We highly recommend them!”
Marie L.

“We have used a prior pool service for a period of over 15 years and over time we noted that they did not provide proper service and ignored our unique issues with the pool turning very green with algae and the stone turning various shares of purple. We had it and just recently hired Stanton Pools to assist us in our weekly service of our pebble tec pool. Within a period of two weeks the pool sparkles, the green algae is all but history for us and we are starting to see the purple hues on the stonework fading. Eric has been very responsive to all of our questions and needs and once again our pool feels and looks refreshing. We look forward to many continued years of relationship with the company and with most sincerity can highly recommend Stanton Pools. A wise choice for us!”
Michael U.

“Eric as the contractor we chose to renovate our pool, which was a total mess. All the sub-contractors he used were superb. Starting with the demolition crew, the plumbers, electrician, tile crew equipment and plastering / pebble crew. Eric coordinated everyone and kept us informed of the progress and what to expect next. A suggestion: we chose the darker color mini pebble, which keeps the pool at a high temperature of 82-85 F during the hot summer days, so it is not necessary to warm the pool during the summer. We are very happy with the result”
Raanan B.

“Eric is fantastic! We just purchased a home with a pool that hadn’t been serviced in a while, and he came out, gave me a brief tutorial on my pool and equipment and made sure the pool was cleaned and chemically balanced as soon as possible.”
Amy S.

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