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Everyday, we service pools to keep them looking fresh and inviting for home owners just like you. Here are just a few of our many happy customers.

Pebble, Tile Cleaning, Lights

“Stanton Pools was communicative, professional, and overall very attentive. I love my pool.”

Karen J.

Thousand Oaks, CA

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Pebble, Tile, Plumbing, Cracks

“Communication was strong the whole time and the job was completed earlier than anticipated. Highly recommended!!!”

Mike T.

Woodland Hills, CA

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“Their pricing is fair and up-front, and their integrity and experience can’t be beaten.”

Melissa W.
Westlake Village, CA


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Weekly Service

“Thankfully we found Stanton pools, and they had the pool glistening in no time.”

Travis K.
West Hills, CA


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Trusted Westlake Village Pool Maintenance and Remodeling Services

A pool is only as good as it is clean. This is a fact that many new pool owners cannot seem to comprehend, whether it’s in Westlake Village, CA or in any other part of the world, there is simply no way for people to look at your dirty pool and then feel like jumping in. Stanton Pools completely understands this and that is why we have a wide variety of cleaning tools and methods to help maintain the tiles of your pool spotless and the water crystal clear.

You will not have to worry about a thing as Stanton Pools can perform weekly Westlake Village Pool cleanings and pool services like pool remodeling to ensure that it is kept as spotless as possible. You may think that having your pool cleaned on a weekly basis is too frequent, but the fact is that it doesn’t take long for foreign objects like leaves, rocks and sand to contaminate your pool.

In some cases where Westlake Village pool cleaning takes more than just a simple scrub or vacuum, the professionals at Stanton Pools can go even further as to scrub your pool’s tiles and steps for you once the pool’s water has been drained.

When your tiles or steps start accumulating mold and grime, they can take on a slimy texture and become dangerously slippery.

Tired of having a pool that doesn’t look its best?

The water isn’t clear, there’s algae on the walls, and you just don’t feel like using it even though you’re paying for a weekly service?

Or, perhaps you’re just moving into a new home and need someone to take care of your pool.

We totally get it! We’ve helped hundreds of homeowners just like you give their pool that ‘sparkle’ through our reliable pool maintenance.

Why you’ll love using Stanton Pools
for Weekly Pool Maintenance

Simply Relax and Enjoy:

With our weekly service, all you have to do is admire your beautiful pool without doing any of the work. Our process is fully automated for your convenience.

Get the Most Out of Your Pool:

Through proper chemistry and maintenance, you’ll get more years of fun and memories with family and friends.

We're Your 1-Stop Shop:

We handle everything from weekly maintenance to equipment repair, so no matter what you need, we can take care of it in-house.

Let us Take Care of your Westlake Village Pool Cleaning & Maintenance

The main reason you got yourself a pool is so that your family and friends can enjoy it without the risk of any injury. Slippery tiles are accident prone and when left too long, will need more effort to remove. That is why we at Stanton Pools can take care of this matter on your behalf and help to lower the risk of people accidentally slipping.

Your pool’s filter system is absolutely vital in ensuring that foreign objects and contaminants are kept out of the pool for good. There is always the possibility of your filters getting full and needing to be cleaned every once in a while, which is what Stanton Pools can do for you.

Pool Services we Offer for Westlake Pools

1. Weekly Pool Service

We just couldn’t stress how important weekly pool services are. Regularly servicing your swimming pool allows you to save money in the long run from costly repairs. We at Stanton Pools will help you maintain your swimming pools with a variety of services like pool cleaning that we offer through our weekly pool solutions. We’ll take care of both the physical structure of the pool and the water that sits in it. Part of our weekly pool service is checking your pool water’s chemical balance. This is important not only because it keeps your pool water clean and safe from bacteria, but it also helps you preserve the structural integrity of the pool.

Here’s an example.

Pool water with high pH levels can cause problems like scaly deposits and cloudy water. Otherwise, pool waters with very low pH levels can cause pool surfaces to corrode and develop etches. The same can be said to pool equipment that is submerged to water with poor pH levels. That said, it’s best to have pool professionals maintain your private paradise on a weekly basis. This will help you extend the longevity of your swimming pool and maintain its aesthetic appeal for years to come. We will also clean pool walls and scrub off the tiles to rid it of smears and stains to help keep your swimming pool looking its very best. We’ll check your pool equipment and study the overall integrity of your swimming pool to make sure it’s sound and safe. Ours is a holistic approach to weekly pool servicing…ours is the only service your pool deserves. Talk to us to start your weekly pool service with Stanton Pools.

2. Complete Pool Remodeling for Westlake Pools

Apart from checking on your pool regularly, we also provide makeover services in our complete swimming pool remodels. We’ll work with you from concept to completion.
We know that pool remodeling is serious business; that’s why we’ll ask for your help and we’ll work on remodeling your pool as a team. It entails the handling of permits and licenses to help turn your visions into reality. The long line of paperwork is something you can leave to us. The only thing you need to worry about is the design you want in your private pool. It can be an extension of your own self or a theme you want to extend to your pool. Whatever the design idea is, we’re here to make it happen. We also use a slew of components that can be used to improve the aesthetic feel of your remodeled pool. We’ll plaster your pool, add tiles, or even use pebbles on it to make it more beautiful and make it last longer. You can talk to our pool designers to give you an idea of what’s hot and what’s not in your location when it comes to pool construction.

3. Salt Water Conversions

Salt water pools are one of the best alternatives to traditional chlorine pools. Salt water pools still use chlorine through the salt chlorine generator turning salt into chlorine, but the amount of chlorine it produces is far less than that of the traditional method. Salt water pools are becoming more and more popular because of how mild the water comes out to be. If you hate having to come out of the water red-eyed and itchy, then salt water pools may be the right option for you. Salt water pools are also good for pool owners that have asthma and other allergies. They also smell less compared to pools that use conventional chlorine methods. Your hair will not turn green and your swimsuits and swim shorts won’t get bleached out when you have salt water pools.

Salt water pool conversion isn’t exactly rocket science. However, if you want it done right, make sure to reach out to us.

4. Pool Plaster and Resurfacing

We know pools like the back of our hands. That’s why we offer the best pool plastering service for Westlake pools.

You can trust our tried and tested process to resurface and apply new plaster to your pool. From having to drain the pool to the actual refill and start-up process, we’ll make sure we’re on top of the project. Your Oak Park pools, CA will look as good as new after our pool plaster and resurfacing service.

5. Pump Repair and Replacement

We also specialize in pump repair and replacement. After we replace all of your pool equipment, we will apply a paint finish over the PVC to protect it from the elements. Your swimming pool pump play a vital role in the overall function of your swimming pool, so it’s best to have it checked from time to time. We can also install the electrical equipment required to make these pool pumps work when you have them replaced.

6. Complete Equipment Upgrades and Relocation

Pool equipment relocation isn’t easy. That’s why professionals like us are here to help you get the job done. Part of our swimming pool services include helping you with your pool equipment relocation needs. Your backyard oasis may have been the place of many memories. It could be where you taught your kids to swim, where you had your 30th birthday, etc. We see no reason why you should leave them behind.

We’ll help you move your swimming pool equipment with you.

7. Wi-Fi Remote System Installation

Wi-Fi remote systems make pool life easy. With just a few clicks of a button, you can change pump speeds, turn on LED lights and more.

We at Stanton Pools are here to help you with pool automation. We believe life should be easy, especially when you’re taking a break in your private oasis. We can help you set up Wi-Fi remote systems that will take you pool to the next level.

Want to work with us for weekly pool
service? It's as easy as 1-2-3

1. Call Us For An Estimate:

Often times, we can provide you with a monthly price simply by asking a few questions and viewing your pool on Google Earth.

2. Sign Up And Schedule A Start Date:

Simply e-sign our service letter and we can often start service that week.

3. Enjoy Your Refreshingly Clean Pool:

It's that easy. We handle all your pool service needs so you can relax and admire your sparkling pool.

Here are the services included with
our weekly pool maintenance:

1. Vacuuming, Brushing, and Netting

2. Balancing of Chemicals

3. Filter Cleanings

4. Checking the Equipment

5. Cleaning and Diagnosing Salt Systems

6. Emptying Pump and Skimmer Baskets

7. Performing Equipment Repairs

Are We A Good Fit?

Here are some of the most frequent questions we get asked

Why should I work with a pool service company instead of an individual pool maintenance technician?

A full service company can handle more than just the cleaning – repairing leaks, installing a new pump, fixing your heater, etc. We can handle virtually everything your pool may need.

Does Stanton Pools offer every-other-week service?
In Southern California, it is not possible to keep chemicals balanced and algae under control with every-other-week service. Therefore, we only offer weekly pool maintenance.
Why is it so important to work with a company that is certified and trained by LA County Health?
LA County Health has one of the strictest chemical standards. With Stanton Pools’ certification, you can be confident we know exactly how to maintain proper chemical levels for your safety and your pool’s longevity.
Why should my pool service company be licensed and insured?

By working with a licensed, bonded, and insured pool maintenance company, you can rest assured we have the knowledge, experience, and coverage to safely care for your pool. We’ve got you completely covered.

I need pool service on a specific day. Can Stanton Pools help me?
We have availability on most days. If we aren’t able to provide service on your most preferred day, however, we can often move our schedule around in the near future to accommodate you.
Do I have to prepay for my weekly pool service?

We never ask for payments in advance, and we never ask for deposits. We truly earn your trust every week and only collect payment after services have been completed.

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