Remodel with Baja Step in Northridge

Remodel with Baja Step in Northridge

For well over a decade, we, at Stanton Pools, have been remodeling pools for our customers in the neighborhood of Northridge. From rebuilding custom design pools to total pool remodeling & renovation, our team at Stanton Pools can do it for you. We also offer pool services like pool cleaning and pool maintenance, which helps you keep your remodeled pool in its best condition. For the best pool remodeling in Northridge, trust only Stanton Pools. The level of proficiency we show in our pool maintenance services is the same as our pool remodeling projects. This customer in Northridge wanted us to add a Baja step in this perfectly located shallow cove of their pool during a remodel.

The Perfect Baja Step

Called by many names like tanning ledge, shallow reef step, thermal ledge, sun shelf, and even ones like Acapulco shelf, and Shamu shelf, they all serve the same purpose – to give your pool an expansive entry point to your pool. You might be wondering, what is a Baja step, and what practical application does it serve your pool when you already have steps? Well, here are two reasons why most pool owners consider adding a Baja step into their backyard pools. First, Baja steps create the ideal middle ground for your pool and your poolside deck. This means it’s shallow, making it an ideal addition to homeowners with kids. Instead of having to carry their children with them when they want to take a dip, the little ones can easily and comfortably stay in the shallow Baja steps. They can play in an area with a water level that’s safe for tiny tots. With your eyes always on them, your little ones can have some independent fun in your family pool. Next, adults can also take full advantage of Baja steps during the days when it’s too hot to lounge. A Baja step can be used as a platform for pool furniture. A perfectly installed Baja step allows you to soak up the sun with your feet in the water. Talk about maximizing your pool, a book in one hand, and a glass of wine in the other, with both feet dipped in cool pool water – now that’s how you do summer. We help install beautiful Baja steps that will not only help add function to your pool, but one that will also elevate its beauty and aesthetic value. Here, at Stanton Pools, we’re all about pool services that matter.

In this project, we added a Baja step as a part of a customer’s remodeling service. It’s actually common for other services to be included while remodeling a pool. That’s because many contractors encourage pool owners to include repair and renovation in remodeling services because it saves the pool owners time and money from having to drain and start the pool all over. That said, other services like pool heating system repair, plumbing services, pump installation, and pool pump repair, as well as saltwater conversions are usually done in conjunction with pool remodeling projects. We, at Stanton Pools, offer the best pool remodeling services and pool maintenance solutions. They are carried out by expert individuals who are licensed, bonded, and insured. The quality of workmanship we have to offer is the best in the business. That’s why we’re one of the most-recommended pool professionals in Northridge and its neighboring areas. For game-changing Baja steps and other pool remodeling services, contact Stanton Pools.

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August 8, 2022

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