Pool & Equipment Remodel in Westlake

Pool & Equipment Remodel in Westlake

While some pools need only a small amount of work, others require the full makeover. We, at Stanton Pools, offer a wide range of services for customers that need their pools restored and remodeled. We provide a wide variety of pool services aside from pool remodeling and renovation like pool pump installation and pool heating system installation amongst others. Apart from installing pool features like pool coping, we’re also known for taking care of pools through our pool maintenance and pool cleaning services. Pool owners know that if they want the best pool remodeling in Westlake, they go to Stanton Pools. That said, they know that we provide holistic pool solutions; that’s why they turn to us in all things pool related.

At this pool, we installed new bullnose coping, waterline tile, stacked stone veneer above the tile, mini pebble, and a whole new equipment set with a remote system in Westlake Village.

Pool Equipment Installation Done Right

To read the instruction manual as well as follow the assembly guide is one thing, to have experience backing you up is another. That’s why it’s important to have professionals help you install your pool equipment. Here, at Stanton Pools, we are backed by expert individuals who have years of experience installing pool equipment under their belts. They have learned and are experts in various types of pool equipment, both novel and traditional. In this Westlake project, we installed an equipment set with a remote system. As professionals, we know the importance your pool equipment plays in maintaining your pool. As an example, a pool pump helps promote good water circulation. Good water circulation is attributed to good water filtration and heating. Without proper water circulation, pools are susceptible to algae growth. Likewise, proper heating of your pool water not only allows you to extend the pool season, but also saves your pool from winter damage. There’s a long list of benefits from having a good working set of equipment and there’s more if you have a remote system built into it. A remote system allows you to control the equipment from across the deck. This means that you no longer have to bother checking each and every switch when you want to change your pool’s function. Enjoy changing the speed of your variable-speed pool pump from across the Baja step. It’s the perfect definition of luxury when it comes to backyard pools. When we install equipment sets, we usually paint the plumbing not only to match the aesthetics of the pool equipment, but also to protect it from the elements. This will help improve the beauty and longevity of your pool equipment set.

In this project, we also installed a few features to help give the pool a new look. These include mini pebbles, waterline tiles, a new bullnose coping, and stacked stone veneers. Mini pebbles are a great option when remodeling pools. It provides a beautiful surface that looks good and holds up well against treated pool water. On the same note, waterline tiles also make for a great addition because they are a great way to help reduce stains and smears from the pool’s waterline. The coping, on the other hand, makes for a great addition which helps keep the pool water clean by keeping dirt and debris from entering the pool water. Lastly, stacked stone veneers make for a perfect backdrop for a pool as stunning as this project we took on in Westlake. For the complete pool remodeling service, contact Stanton Pools. We’re the best in pool remodeling and pool maintenance.

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August 8, 2022