Pebble, Tile, and Plumbing in Reseda

Pebble, Tile, and Plumbing in Reseda

Pool transformations don’t just happen overnight, they often involve a series of services that help make this change happen. We, at Stanton Pools, know that pool remodeling isn’t easy, but that means it’s possible. Our company has been the go-to for pool owners who want to turn old and dilapidated pools into the highlight of their homes. We help transform boring backyards into full-fledged resorts. Our solutions include pool plumbing services, pool plastering, pool pump installation, as well as total makeovers with our pool remodeling and renovation. When the dust settles, we’re also the people you call for pool service like pool cleaning and pool maintenance. That’s why when pool owners want the best for pool remodeling in Reseda, they go to Stanton Pools.

There was a dated, painted pool in Reseda. We transformed it with new PVC plumbing, tile, and pebble. Stanton Pools can give old and outdated pools a new lease in life through our top-notch pebble, tile, and plumbing solutions.

The Best in Pool Remodeling

Pool remodeling comes in various forms. This project we did in Reseda, involves the installation of new pool tile and pebble. However, before we install a new pool interior, we had to remove the old surface. To make sure we get to remove out the old material, we use the chip out process. Not only is the chip out method recommended by the National Plasterer’s Council (NPC), but it also ensures that the old and weaker material is removed from the concrete. Applying pool pebble on old and dilapidated surfaces can have a negative effect on the pool interior’s structural integrity. That’s why in this situation, removing the old plaster thoroughly is imperative. The same goes for the pool tiles. When that’s settled, we then applied both the interior finish, tile first, followed by the pool pebble. We use products from NPT; they are known for their beauty and durability. Most especially because products like pool pebble and pool tile are known and are valued for their longevity, pool companies like us need to rely on products with a good track record in dependability.

The pool tiles are carefully laid out bordering the steps and also used in the pool’s waterline. Because tiles are hard-wearing, they help fight stains that could accumulate on the surface of the pool. This is followed by the application of pool pebble that is done strictly by hand. In our years in the pool industry, we’ve noticed that when applied manually, our crew had better control of the material. They are applied evenly and we are able to achieve better results in doing so. The pool pebble mixture is then finished by trowelling to compress the mixture into the exposed concrete. Some of our customers even opt to add a glass and shell mix to the finish of the pool pebble to give it character and an added sparkle. This helps make the pool stand out especially during the summer which helps make the pool water look more inviting.

In this project, we also added plumbing through the use of PVC pipes that we have installed by certified and licensed professionals that are bonded and insured. For professional pool remodel services, trust only Stanton Pools.

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August 8, 2022