Pebble and Tile in Porter Ranch

Pebble and Tile in Porter Ranch

Stanton Pools has been one of the most-recommended pool companies in Porter Ranch, especially when it comes to pool remodeling. We’ve worked on all types of pools and have carried out almost all types of pool remodeling projects. From pool plastering, pool resurfacing, as well as pool remodeling and renovation, Stanton Pools does it all. We also do pool maintenance and pool cleaning aside from other pool services. For the best pool resurfacing in Porter Ranch, contact only Stanton Pools.

In this project, we applied mini pebble and installed new waterline tile to help improve the looks and longevity of this pool in Porter Ranch. Just by resurfacing the pool, we were able to update the look of this pool. We used a light shade of pool pebble with this pool to draw out the cool and clean aesthetic of the pool water making it more inviting. We also used a waterline tile that blends with the aesthetic quality of the pool. Overall, the pool had a minimalistic ambience with warm undertones that offers a cohesive look for a stunning backyard pool.

Resurfacing a Rustic Pool

Here, at Stanton Pools, your satisfaction is our top priority. We aim to provide the best service possible and we aim to live by that goal daily. That said, we work closely with each customer to give them the pool they want. This rustic pool combines the homey atmosphere of their property which extends to the actual pool area. The pool deck is lined with natural stones that pairs well with the landscaped backyard. Because of its natural look and feel, we used pool pebble that had the same effect.

We use NPT pool products. They boast beauty and durability found on other brands that are more expensive like Pebble Tec. While there may be a difference in price, the overall quality of the product is quite the same. During this resurfacing project, we used the chip out method to remove more of the pool’s old interior. This is important since we wanted the pool pebble to have better adhesion to the concrete so exposing more of the surface is vital. Once the right amount of surface was removed, we started applying the pebble mixture to the walls and the floor of the pool. This process is done entirely by hand which allows the finished project to achieve a handmade look. This gives the pool pebble a unique appearance because of the randomness in color, texture, and surface.

Likewise, the pool tile is installed and applied on the pool walls the same way as the pool pebble – by hand. The waterline tiles we installed helps the pool fight stains that usually create a yellow line at the pool’s waterline. These are the accumulation of substances like sunscreens, pollen, body oils, and other matter that might have made its way into the pool. Installing a waterline tile helps keep the pool looking clean and inviting.

We, at Stanron Pools, offer professional quality pool services that help you achieve your dream pool. We use a combination of tried and tested methods plus high-quality materials to deliver projects that last as good as they look. We specialize in both backyard residential pools as well as commercial pools. Our pool resurfacing services do not only include pool pebble and pool tile application, but also repair and renovation of pool equipment. We specialize in installing and repairing pool heaters, pool pumps, and even saltwater systems. Contact us today and find out our pool remodeling options.

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August 8, 2022

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