Mini Pebble & Tile in Agoura Hills

Mini Pebble & Tile in Agoura Hills

What a beautiful view! New mini pebble with step trim tile and waterline tile in Agoura Hills.

Stanton Pools is the number one pool company in the City of Agoura Hills and its neighboring locations. We offer the best pool resurfacing services that are perfect for remodeling outdated pools as well as repairing dilapidated ones. Our services include pool plastering, pool remodeling and renovation, with recurring services like in-ground pool cleaning, and pool maintenance. We‘re the go-to for the best pool resurfacing in Agoura Hills as well as for professional quality pool renovation solutions. Homeowners in Agoura trust only Stanton Pools for all things pool related and here’s why.

This pool in Agoura Hills offered a scenic view and the owners of the property wanted to have their pool resurfaced with pebbles and tiles that complement its local panorama. Bordered by the lush greens of the nearby mountains, using pool pebbles with deep green and blue hues was a natural choice. This project allowed us to showcase not only our level of workmanship, but also our understanding of pool design.

Professional Pool Design

Understanding what the customer wants is one thing; turning it into a reality is another – and this is where Stanton Pools come in. In this Agoura Hills pool resurfacing project, the goal was to have the pool design blend in with the scenery and not make the pool stick out like a sore thumb. We took a professional approach to give the pool a cohesive look that made the pool and the breathtaking backdrop look like they belong in a renaissance painting. This pool did not need fancy lights and other extravagant water features. All it needed was the right type of pool pebble and pool tile.

Immediately going to work, our experienced crew removed the old pool interior. We, at Stanton Pools, use the chip-out method which allows more of the old pool interior to be removed. We then applied the pool pebble by hand. Both the removal and the application of the new interior is done manually with very little use of power and pneumatic tools. This is done to achieve a unique look and feel, the kind that’s handmade. As all handmade products are, the finished project looked special as it was a labor of passion and precision. Unlike pool interiors that are applied using a machine, manually applying the pool pebble by hand allows us to provide a thoughtful and high-quality service that shows why experience matters.

In this pool, we used Stonescapes mini pebbles from NPT. Their products boast the same level of aesthetic quality and reliability as some of the more expensive brands on the market, like PebbleTec. NPT’s mini pebbles offer a smoother surface because it uses smaller pebble stones. They are also vibrant in color and resistant to stains from heavily treated pool water. The crew that installed the mini pebbles is licensed, bonded, and insured. It is recognized by the manufacturer, which means that the pool pebble manufacturer will honor the warranty should there be issues after completing a project. This is important since you would want to have your contractors stand by their word and their work. We, at Stanton Pools, are backed by professional individuals that are recognized by the manufacturers of whose products we use.

Making the interior look simple and elegant, we installed matching waterline tiles and step trim tiles. The step trim tiles make it easy to see and distinguish each step when the pool is filled with water and the waterline tiles protect the waterline from unwanted residue stains. The finished project blends well with the property’s landscaping and the natural backdrop provided by the nearby mountains.

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August 8, 2022

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