Green to Clear in West Hills

Green to Clear in West Hills

We have performed many green to clear cleanups. Once we cleared the pool, we took on the normal weekly service for this homeowner in West Hills. Algae is a common issue amongst pools not properly maintained. That said, we, at Stanton Pools, offer professional quality pool maintenance services to keep pools in the West Hills area clean. We’re known for our in-ground pool cleaning services as well as our other pool services like filter cleaning and replacement, pump basket cleaning and replacement, and other recurring services. We offer the best pool maintenance in West Hills, and we proved it through our latest maintenance service.

Professional Pool Cleaning

Cleaning pools has been our business for well over a decade. Ours is a holistic approach to pool cleaning and our green to clean projects are only one of them. As we’ve briefly mentioned above, the main cause of green and cloudy pool water is algae. Algae breeds and thrive in poorly maintained pools. Sanitation and water circulation plays a major role in keeping algae at bay. That’s why part of what we do as pool professionals is to help provide recurring services to maintain the pool. We offer weekly cleaning services that are geared towards providing your pool a healthy water circulation. Although we clean the pool’s surface and skim it for floating dirt and debris, we also clean the skimmer and the baskets, which help promote proper water circulation. This allows the filter to keep the pool water clean and help ensure that the proper water circulation is achieved. That said, we also inspect your pool equipment and check if it’s properly working to let you know if your pool equipment needs repair or replacement. It’s important for the equipment pad to run in good condition especially the pump and the filter. Our experienced technicians are adept in various pool equipment setups and have worked on swimming pool rigs from various manufacturers. Trust that our team knows exactly what they’re doing and that they have your best interest in mind when they advise you to have your pool and spa equipment repaired or replaced.

Part of our weekly cleaning services is professional water chemistry testing and balancing. Our team will check the pool water and check the chemicals in it to ensure that the proper chemistry is achieved. To combat algae, it’s important to have just the right amount of chlorine, which helps sanitize the water and rid it of other microorganisms. However, putting too much chlorine can cloud the pool water and may even cause eye and skin irritation. That’s why it’s important to have professionals conduct and carry out these services for your pool. Moreover, unstable chemical balance in your pool water can cause damage to the pool equipment through corrosion. This might also cause the surfaces to develop mineral buildup due to the improper balance of the chemicals in the water. Stanton Pools take pool water chemistry seriously. That’s why many pool owners in West Hills trust their pools in our care. We deliver the best pool maintenance solutions for pools, so that they don’t have to worry about dealing with green pool water.

Our weekly pool cleaning services also include brushing of the pool walls and the steps, vacuuming the pool to make sure we rid of any dirt and debris that might have sunk underwater, reviewing the integrity of the pool’s structural integrity, which includes the surface, the coping, and the pool deck. If you want to give your pool the service it deserves, contact us at Stanton Pools.

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August 8, 2022

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