Resurface and Retile in Woodland Hills

Resurface and Retile in Woodland Hills

We, at Stanton Pools, are experts in pool remodeling. Our pool resurfacing, pool plastering, and pool renovation services help pool owners breathe new life ito old and dilapidated pools. We also help pool owners with our professional pool service through our pool cleaning and pool maintenance services. We’re the ones to call if you want the best pool resurfacing in Woodland Hills.

Aesthetic Pool Detailing

This Woodland Hills pool resurfacing project is detailed with beautiful mini pebble and is finished with relatively impeccable retiling. The goal of this project was to draw out beautiful blue waters when the sun shines on it. That said, our choice material had a lighter shade that boasts beautiful aesthetics allowing the pool water to look more inviting – the kind that looks like it belongs in a book. We used mini pebble from NPT, which was perfect for the aesthetic value our customer was going for. Mini pebbles use smaller pebble stones giving the pool a finer look while still maintaining proper traction, so you don’t lose your footing while in the pool. Our customers love mini pebble because it’s not as rough as the average pool pebble finish, but still has decent rigidity. In some cases, our customers opt to have their mini pebbles finished with a glass or shell mix, which gives the pool an added sparkle and character.

Here, at Stanton Pools, we apply our pool pebbles by hand. The pool pebble is applied in the pool wall, the floor, as well as in the steps of the pool. Not only does this give the finished surface a handmade feel, but it offers a unique look that makes the pool stand out. Because the mini pebble is applied by hand, there is some randomness in color and in hue. This helps give the pool various dimensions, which works well with light refraction as sunlight passes through the pool water. As you can see in this Woodland Hills pool project, the pool attracts attention because of its cool and sparkling water. The panoramic view makes for a perfect backdrop for this bright and attractive pool. The waterline tile used in this pool is of the same light shade. It was done not only to give the pool a cohesive design, but also because pool tiles hold up well against chemically treated pool water. The combination of pool pebble and pool tile allows this customer to enjoy a clean-looking pool that requires less maintenance. If you want a pool with similarly beautiful aesthetic appeal, contact us at Stanton Pools.

Stanton Pools have been servicing pools in Woodland Hills and its neighboring areas. We’re the go-to contractors when it comes to pool remodeling. We work closely with our customers to help give them the kind of pool they want. Just like this resurface and retile project in Woodland Hills, we do our best to understand our customers’ needs and in doing so, we get to deliver results that meet and exceed their expectations. Our pool resurfacing services are carried out by expert individuals who are taught in various means of applying pool pebble. Their experience allows them to carry out their task effectively and efficiently. Resurfacing and tiling a pool aren’t actually cheap, and we understand that in this line of work, our customers do not want expensive mistakes. So, make sure to trust your pool only with experienced professionals like us at Stanton Pools. For pool remodeling that lasts as good as it looks, contact Stanton Pools.

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August 8, 2022

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