Pool Remodel in Simi Valley

Pool Remodel in Simi Valley

We, at Stanton Pools, offer the best pool remodeling services from simple pool arrangements to total pool makeovers – we can do it all. We offer custom designs from changing the pool’s depth to adding other features like a spa. Our pool remodeling and renovation services do not only focus on changing your pool’s looks, but also care about how your pool functions as a whole. That said, we offer pool and spa equipment installation and repairs like pool pump installation and plumbing services. We’re Simi Valley’s best and we’re proud to offer both remodeling and maintenance services that help keep your pool in its best.

Look no further if f you want the best pool remodeling services in Simi Valley, nothing beats our services here at Stanton Pools. Just check out this beautifully remodeled pool in Simi Valley. We not only applied modern mini pebble and tile, but we set up a Wi-Fi remote system with variable speed pumps to control their filtration and 4 new sheer descents. We also installed the four 2” wide sheers with integrated color-changing lights to match the pool and spa color lights.

Here are a few more details if you want to know more about how we remodeled this stunning pool in Simi Valley.

A Stunning Residential Pool

Here, at Stanton Pools, we’ve been asked to work on countless pools, but backyard oases are our favorite! Just check what we did for our customers in this Simi Valley pool. We gave it all the bells and whistles from modern looks to modern amenities, this pool not only increases the value of their property, but also makes the whole neighborhood envy.

From a distance, the striking color-changing spa lights make for an eye-catching sight as you turn these bright pool lights at night. Not only do they act as a beacon to where the pool party’s at, but it also serves as a functional light so swimmers can easily find their footing when taking a dip in the dark. They also highlight the modern mini pebble and tile we applied in this pool’s interior. Mini pebble is a smoother type of pebble that uses smaller pebble stones, which makes for a more vivid display of natural stone colors that are emanated by these sophisticated pebble stones. In some cases, our customers opt for an additional glass and shell mixture added to the pool pebble’s finish. While this extra layer comes at a nominal cost, it definitely brings priceless aesthetic value, which adds the shine and shimmer your pool needs. Likewise, we also use stunning pool tiles in this private pool that complements the mini pebble. Together, the tile and the mini pebble work not only to beautify the pool, but also in increasing its overall structural integrity as both materials are known for their durability and their longevity. We source our products from NPT, a brand noted for its pool products that offer the same dependability and reliability as products from brands with twice its price.

To finish this remodeling project, we also installed variable-speed pool pumps that ensure proper pool water circulation while offering power-efficient properties. The variable-speed pool pump can be controlled remotely via a Wi-Fi remote system allowing the pool owner to change how the pump works from across the deck. We’re taking your pool experience to the next level here at Stanton Pools. Trust that in each undertaking, it will be carried out by experienced individuals making dream pools like this in Simi Valley into a reality. They are all bonded, licensed, and insured, and can guarantee superior workmanship. That’s why we’re the most trusted pool company not only in Simi Valley, but also in neighboring cities.

If you want a stunning pool like this, contact Stanton Pools and find out why we’re the number one pool contractor in the business.

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August 8, 2022

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