Green Cleanup in Calabasas

Green Cleanup in Calabasas

Services: Inground Pool Cleaning, Pump Basket Cleaning & Replacement, Recurring Services, Skimmer Basket Cleaning & Replacement

Project Duration: 1-2 weeks

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Green Cleanup in Calabasas

Algae is a common problem of pool owners, especially for those with pools that are not properly maintained. Just check this pool in Calabasas. This pool had a massive algae bloom. After several visits and filter cleanings, we brought it back to its full shimmer! We, at Stanton Pools, offer professional quality pool solutions that help rehabilitate old pools and bring them back to life. We do offer in-ground pool cleaning services that include pump basket cleaning and replacement as well as skimmer basket cleaning and replacement. Although our weekly cleaning services include skimming the pool water for floating dirt and debris, we still focus on services that consequently affect the quality of the pool water and help prevent algae bloom. That said, cleaning the pump basket and the skimmer basket ensures better water circulation which helps the water to be filtered and prevents it from stagnancy.

We also offer pool remodeling and renovation for pools that require a little more than the usual cleaning. We provide pool plastering, pool remodeling, and pool resurfacing for pools that have severely damaged interiors due to algae. Ours is a complete and holistic approach to pool cleaning and for the best pool maintenance in Calabasas, contact only the best in the business. Contact Stanton Pools.

From Green to Clean

In this project, we had to deal with a major algae outbreak. Algae is a natural microorganism that enters the pool either by wind or via swimsuits carrying algae spores. With the right condition, algae can proliferate and develop turning your pool water green and cloudy. The stronger the concentration of algae in the pool water, the darker it gets. Stronger algae concentration does not only give your pool a bleak and depressing look, but it also attacks your pool equipment by clogging up the pool filter worsening the situation.

Pools, especially in warm locations, do encounter algae from time to time. That’s why proper pool maintenance is important to prevent and eliminate algae in the water. It took us several visits and a few sessions to address the algae problem and we were commissioned by the pool owner to maintain the pool henceforth.

To help maintain this pool in Calabasas, we offered our weekly cleaning solution. Part of that service includes cleaning the pool water of floating dirt and debris followed by the brushing of the pool walls and steps and is finished by vacuuming the pool floor. This is done because debris, like dead leaves and dried twigs, may carry algae and may contaminate the pool water. We also look for dead bugs that may decompose and disrupt the balance of the pool water. The walls are brushed to rid it of any microorganism that might have been lodged in the small crevices and holes in the walls and the steps of the pool. As we’ve briefly covered above, we also clean the skimmer and the pump basket to promote better water circulation allowing the pool pump to easily run the pool water and aid filtering and heating. And while we’re on the topic of pool and spa equipment, we at Stanton Pools, also check the pool equipment and confirm its proper operation. We also review the integrity of the pool’s surface including the coping and the deck as well as checking for damage and delamination. Lastly, we professionally check the chemistry of the pool water and ensure its balance. This allows the pool water to have just the right amount of chlorine to help clean the pool water and keep algae at bay.

We, at Stanton Pools, are the best when it comes to pool maintenance. If you’re having issues with your pool and want professional quality services, don’t hesitate in reaching out to us.

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